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February 9, 20246:32 am

Cultivating Talent & Growth: Solvere.Global Certified as a Great Place to Work????✨

???? Exciting News! ???? I am thrilled to announce that Solvere.Global by has just been certified as a Great

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January 30, 20248:40 am

What ails your Loyalty Program
& How to revitalize it!

What ails your Loyalty Program & How to revitalize it! Volume 1, May 2023 Loyalty programs are gaining a lot

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November 1, 20232:28 pm

Unexpected is the New Normal: Key Insights from the latest trends In the Loyalty Industry

As a Loyalty Solution company here is our take from the Commerce Trends in 2023. The report highlights several new

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2:26 pm

Stay Ahead Of “The Curve”

One key driver of change is technology, which is advancing at an unprecedented rate. New tools and platforms are emerging

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2:24 pm

Loyalty Programs – Forecast

Dear Readers, The loyalty program industry in India is booming, with both businesses and consumers alike realizing the benefits of

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2:22 pm

???? 1 Day: 2 Clients: 1500 Cr Sales: That’s the Power Of Loyalty!!!

Loyal Customers are Gold! In our case, it’s literally true. Two of our jewelry clients generated sales worth INR 1500

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2:20 pm

From Soaring Acquisition Costs to Sustained Success: The Imperative of Customer Loyalty

???? Customer Acquisition costs are going through the roof, Conversions rates are falling fast. The article shared “Increasing customer acquisition cost

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2:18 pm

???? Unlocking the Power of D2C: Building a Path to Repeat Purchases ????

In today’s fast-paced e-commerce landscape, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands have been thriving by leveraging platforms like Amazon and Flipkart for customer

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2:15 pm

Shout out to Loyalty: Its our time now… it’s the Age of Loyalty

This Sunday the world watched another Epic Australian Open final. In men’s tennis we are at the changing of the

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2:14 pm

How one of India’s marquee real estate brands ‘live’ their corporate value of being ‘Relationship Focused’.

In a high ticket, high emotion category like residential real estate, often what really swings a customer’s decision is a

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2:12 pm

How the leading plywood brand in India drove PERFORMANCE, VISIBILITY and ENGAGEMENT with its key influencers.

Duroply, the leading brand in plywood in India wanted to establish a direct, outstanding, and enduring relationship with their key

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2:10 pm

Reinforcing brand leadership by delivering exceptional partner experiences

How one of the leading retail chains in India with a galaxy of homegrown brands, is further cementing its leadership

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2:08 pm

OUT WITH OLD KING! YAYYY FOR THE NEW KING! … now it’s back to the same thing!

The love of the new shiny toy is never to be underestimated, it can sway us all, and its seems

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2:07 pm

All life is a Rhythm! Find the one that your customers groove to!

In a recent event full of Loyalty marketers, a whole lot of conversation was focused on “inactive” “non-engaged” and therefore

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2:04 pm


Don’t be surprised if we tell you that Influencer marketing isn’t a new phenomenon but an old one, and marketers

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2:02 pm

Always under-promise, and over-perform! A dictum to live by for loyalty marketers.

Ever wondered why some customer engagement and loyalty programs attain cult status while others meander along? Are there any cheat

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1:58 pm

How to measure the success of your loyalty program?

It is not only the big brands who value and understand the importance of having a loyal customer base, but

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1:56 pm

Top 5 email marketing tips to engage effectively with your loyalty database

Loyal customers are any brand’s prized asset and they can make or break a brand. These are the ones who trusted

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1:51 pm

The Balancing Act: Acquisition vs. Retention

In the journey of a brand’s growth, a delicate balance exists between two crucial phases: Acquisition and Retention. Early on,

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1:36 pm

Ensure you’re on the right track with these top 10 B2B loyalty marketing practices

Most marketers find themselves chasing new prospects and customers. The focus primarily is on getting as many new clients as

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November 24, 20226:06 am

Lack Of Promotion

Lack Of Promotion If you want to attract new members, then you need to promote your loyalty program. Promotion is

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