Always under-promise, and over-perform! A dictum to live by for loyalty marketers.

Ever wondered why some customer engagement and loyalty programs attain cult status while others meander along? Are there any cheat codes that can get your program up there with the very best? The answer is an emphatic NO.

Loyalty marketing, like life, offers no elevator to success. It has to be earned the hard way. So if there are no cheat codes, what ensures a growing customer base for you?

The easiest way to up your game is to use sales as a medium to your advantage and know exactly what your customers want from you. Plant an idea ‘What you offer to them is irreplaceable and that they won’t get it from anywhere else!’ into their mind.’ Make sure whatever you promise to deliver, is delivered to them.

Realistic Assessment is the key!

When the objective is to please the customers, the most important thing to do is to have your loyalty marketing strategies built around their requirements and a realistic assessment of what they need from you. Too often, the benefits and rewards modelling in loyalty marketing overlooks this vital aspect. Find out what matters most to your customers, and make it available (through program benefits, offers, etc.). Relevance increases the attractiveness of your program for current members, while helping drive acquisition of new members.  

Make them feel empowered and in control!

The best of rewards and benefits can only do so much, if the user experience is convoluted. Put your customers in a position where they can get the most out of your program in the fewest possible steps. Curate the most exceptional and unique experience for them; make it accessible through simplified user journey, omnichannel initiatives, digital tools, etc. and enjoyable through enhanced customer experience.

Don’t fool around and don’t raise false expectations!

There would be times when your competition would succeed in their endeavour by simply luring the customers with false promises. No matter how alluring the idea might seem to you, don’t ever over-promise and then under-perform. Sooner or later, you have to deliver what you have promised to your customers. And if you don’t, you risk losing your customers and a severe impact on your brand reputation. And it goes without saying that to start afresh, it takes a lot of time and hard work.

Outperform yourself and deliver more, every time!

Always remember ‘Overdelivering strengthens your customer-brand relationship’. For instance, rewarding your customers with unique experiences, membership upgrades, post-transaction services, etc. will enhance your relationship with them, with a minimal additional cost to your business. Once they feel connected to your brand, they will become the brand ambassadors and will make all the difference to your loyalty program and business.

Always under-promise and over-deliver!

So find the right customers, based on your products and services and put the right marketing and engagement strategies in place for them.

Never forget, what you promise must always be delivered. 

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