Case Studies


Discover how our tailored Loyalty Solution sparked a resurgence in foot traffic and rekindled customer love for a prestigious Jewelry brand, driving increased store walk-ins and reactivating their valuable clientele.


Learn how a leading automobile manufacturer supercharged customer engagement and boosted demand throughout their value chain with our Loyalty Solution expertise."

Electrical & Lighting

Discover how we ignited our lighting and electrical product manufacturer customer`s CHANNEL LOYALTY and AMPLIFIED INFLUENCE within the industry. Learn how our Loyalty Solution experts transformed engagement and lifetime value throughout the channel network.


How India's leading hospitality chain with maximum number of owned hotels drove superior guest experience and engagement through their loyalty program.


How the brand synonymous with cement in the Indian market drove deeper ENGAGEMENT, and LIFETIME VALUE across the channel value chain

Coalition Loyalty Program

How we partnered AI Tayer Group to create on of the largest multi-brand loyalty programs in the middle East featuring real-time earning & burning of points.


How one of india's leading laminate brands drove performance and deepened engagement with dealers and influencers.



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