Top 5 email marketing tips to engage effectively with your loyalty database

Loyal customers are any brand’s prized asset and they can make or break a brand. These are the ones who trusted the brand in the first place. A brand must always make its loyal customers feel privileged than the rest.

What to do to ensure your loyal customers stick with you? First things first, as a brand always make sure that whatever communication that is sent to your loyal customers is relevant, especially when you email them. Despite rumours of emails dying a slow death, email marketing still is one of the most effective and the most widely used digital communication medium.

With this, let’s get on to building a content marketing strategy that takes your email marketing to the next stage.

1.     Always remember bombarding a loyal customer’s mail box with irrelevant mails can risk a brand its relationship with them. Though a loyal customer is the most valuable asset to a brand they can, within seconds, end their relationship if they feel too many emails are flooding their mail box. Quality of engagement, and not quantity, is the key.

2.      Majority of the people only spend a fraction of a second looking at an email and deciding whether to open it or delete it, just by looking at the subject line. Thus with the shrinking attention span, it becomes all the more important to pay attention to how you craft your emails (which includes both, creating content and visuals).

3.      Instead of emphasizing on your services in the subject line, focus on what’s in store for your customers or how the new product/service is going to add value to their customer experience?

For instance, an email from a telephone service provider company should simply summarize the list of benefits of the new plan they are offering in the subject line. The copy of the email, on the other hand, can have an infographic or a fun/entertaining video that explains how the customers can avail the plan or how the new plan is different from other plans offered by other telephone service provider companies.

4.      Another key, but mandatory point, to keep in mind is to always provide the unsubscription link. Customers will always appreciate it if they know that you respect their privacy.

5.      Last but not the least your customer’s feedback is of utmost importance to your brand. The key is to seek feedback on the content or email frequency or how satisfied are your customers with your specific services- all, within the copy of the email itself. With feedback, you are reminding your customers that you care about what they think and that their views matter to you.

 So be nice to your customers, especially your brand advocates! They deserve every bit of your efforts and special treatment. Think twice before adopting that batch-and-blast mailing approach!

You might just risk your loyal customers! The risk isn’t worth taking!

Don’t disappoint them; instead show them that you care for them by embracing the best email marketing practices.

With every email, give them a reason to like your brand even more!

Happy email marketing!

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