How one of India’s marquee real estate brands ‘live’ their corporate value of being ‘Relationship Focused’.

In a high ticket, high emotion category like residential real estate, often what really swings a customer’s decision is a recommendation from a trusted source, usually friends and family. Having developed over 12 Million Sq. Ft. of residential assets over the last three decades and another 17 Million Sq. Ft under development, no one understands the power and value of relationships better than Embassy Group

Through Embassy Priority, a specially designed engagement program, Embassy Group has unlocked the power of relationships by engaging meaningfully with their most important stakeholders- the select few who call Embassy their home.


A key member of the leadership team at Embassy Group, Reeza is also a trailblazer for women in real estate; a fact underscored by the ‘Women Super Achiever in Real Estate’ award conferred on her by Times Business Awards.We spoke to Reeza to understand how she and her team is going about creating extraordinary experiences for Embassy home-owners. Incidentally, Reeza has also been a happy client of NetCarrots for the last three years.

Reeza Sebastian at Embassy Springs

MANU DOGRALet me start with the question on everyone’s minds. When do you think we can see the green shoots of revival in real estate?

REEZA: With all the recent initiatives announced by the central government, I anticipate a reasonable degree of recovery within the next 12-18 months. Having said that, I must also share that the space that we operate in, luxury and premium residential segment, has been largely immune to the downturn. Our differentiated offerings have strong product, brand, and location advantages, making them a unique choice for the luxury home-buyer who are typically end users.

MANU DOGRAWhat are some of the challenges in marketing ‘luxury’ products, especially luxury real estate products?

REEZALuxury home-buyers are attuned to a global lifestyle. They are very discerning when it comes to the brands they associate with; they have this wonderful sense of products and an inherent love for beautifully crafted offerings. The challenge is to meet their expectations.

We try to meet and exceed the expectations of the luxury connoisseur by presenting the legacy of our brand in ways that appeal to them, living our brand values through focus on quality, delivery and transparency, and ultimately offering a luxe lifestyle that only Embassy can provide.

MANU DOGRAYou conceived the idea of Embassy Priority, a unique engagement program for your home-owners. What was the thought process behind such an initiative?

REEZA: At the core of all that we do at Embassy, is our unwavering focus on building relationships, and enriching lives. Embassy Priority was borne out of this philosophy, and the realization that our biggest brand advocates are our existing patrons. From helping them experience the Embassy brand in their day-to-day lives, be it through extraordinary experiences, member-exclusive curated events, or even through meaningful communication, we strive to enrich the lives of our patrons, the select few, who call Embassy their home.

MANU DOGRAWhat role, if any, has NetCarrots played in building relationships through Embassy Priority?

REEZA: Your team has been involved right from the beginning in defining the unique experiences and program benefits, and also in bringing them to life. They always suggest initiatives to accentuate the uniqueness of the program.

MANU DOGRANow something other than business. I understand you have a keen interest in arts and visit art exhibitions often. What are some of the passions you pursue outside of work?

REEZA: I try to travel to new destinations whenever possible be it on the international or domestic circuit. I strongly believe that travel expands our world-view and makes us better and more empathetic human beings and marketers. Collecting artwork has been my hobby. I am also a yoga and dance enthusiast.

Pursuits which require discipline and commitment, rigor and hard work, practice and drive, have always inspired me and I believe, these are essential skill sets to succeed in life and business as well. 

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