Our Solutions – Smart Targets

Channel Loyalty Programs

Drive outstanding sales across the entire value chain encompassing – distributors, dealers, retailers, influencers and sales teams through sales-linked channel

Contests And Gamification

Our unique mix of campaign design services, gamification and social media integration will ensure that your campaigns and contests are

Sales Force Management

Motivate your sales team, incentivize desired behaviour, align sales teams to corporate goals, and gain deep insight to maximize sales

Influencer Marketing

Engage with and manage real-time conversations with your influencers through mobile apps with geo location capabilities, omni-channel journeys, and optimized

Experience Audit

Manage all your CX needs from NPS, to structured surveys, opt-in feedback, and more. Understand customer behavior to design interventions


Launch multi-channel, data-driven marketing campaigns to deliver right message to the right customer through the right channel at the right



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